For you Early Birds looking for a class before work…

          For all you early bird cyclists and yogis out there, Zen & Now has something for you:

          Jen Meninno is teaching a Warm Cycle (very cool -hahaha-class) on Mondays.

          Wednesday mornings, join Jen Meninno at 5:45 am for a Cycle/Bootcamp Fusion class! Her classes are full of energy, so don’t be intimidated with the early start time!

          Mary DeVizia is teaching cycle on Friday at 6am. Great vibes and lots of fun! Kick start your morning and end the week right!

          Tuesdays and Thursdays, come start your day with Lisa Bragaw‘s 6 am yoga class. An excellent complement to your cycling, or just a really wonderful way to start your day! The Tuesday class is HOT! Thursday is warm.