Inversion & Arm Balance Workshop/Series

April 6, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Zen & Now
170 Flanders Rd
25.00/class or $100 for all 5

January 5 – May 5 12pm-2pm (the first weekend of every month from January-May. Note: first 4 sessions are on Saturdays, the last one will be on SUNDAY, 5/5)
During this workshop series, we will begin each session by warming up the shoulders, core, wrists and hips with a flowing practice. Caitlin will then break down how to prepare for and practice an arm balancing pose or inversion and demonstrate variations on the pose. The participants will then have time to practice the postures they have learned. The workshop will end with some restorative poses and a final rest in Savasana. This is a great opportunity for any student who wants to learn how to prepare for arm balances and inversions and for those who want to take their practice to the next level!

Week 1 (Sat 1/5): Crow, Headstand, Handstand and Forearm Stand
Week 2 (Sat 2/2): Side Crow and Variations on Side Crow
Week 3 (Sat 3/2): Arm Balances from Plank and Firefly
Week 4 (Sat 4/6): Flying Pigeon and Flying Lizard
Week 5 (SUNDAY 5/5): Eight Angle Pose

Drop-ins welcome, but save by purchasing the entire series!

5 sessions for $100, or $25 per drop-in