Jason Glenn

          Jason earned his yoga teacher certification through the non-profit organization Recovery Yoga hosted at Zen & Now. He grew up in the Nehantic forest with a strong connection to the Earth and nature. His early experience with dance and martial arts created a great foundation for his yoga practice. Working in a warehouse led to developing and integrating basic stretching habits into his daily routine. He was amazed to find this stretching practice called yoga had been around for thousands of years. Reaching out to several private teachers and eventually discovering the joy of public classes; Jason fell in love with the warmth and acceptance of the yoga community. He is committed to personal growth and excited to share all that he has found with the world around him.
          Jason teaches a mindful Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa flow. He focuses on meditative breathing and self love. He teaches to inspire and connect with others, while sharing ancient knowledge and wisdom in an encouraging format. Jason is light hearted, enthusiastic, and playful, he enjoys presenting class with a creative, humorous approach.