Susan Raffetto

Susan Raffetto is part owner of Zen and Now, LLC.

Yoga has been part of Susan’s life since she was introduced to Bikram Yoga at the Union Square Studio in NYC in 2003. The owner, Otto, was taught by Bikram in the early 1990’s. His teaching was rigid, but in the end it made Susan have a strong appreciation for the art and benefits of active meditation. Since then Susan has practiced Bikram Yoga where ever she has lived and worked, London, Frankfort, and most recently Boston. Currently Susan practices various types of Hot Yoga and is looking forward to Zen and Now putting a bit of a different spin on the types of Hot Yoga that are offered today.

Susan studies and practices the work of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, and Marianne Williamson. Susan credits their teachings with her positive outlook on life, motivation and strong spiritual beliefs. Without their wisdom Susan wonders if she would have found her path. Susan’s hope is for Zen and Now to help others find their path as well as have a local community of like-minded people who enjoy sharing their energy and wisdom with others.

Being part of a local wellness community has long been a dream for Susan. Opening Zen and Now in Niantic, CT is the beginning of realizing that dream.

Susan, born and raised in NYC, has lived in Mystic, CT since 1998. Susan and her daughter, Danielle, relocated here from Charleston, West Virginia when Susan joined Pfizer as the Head of their Recruiting Function. Susan has worked in Fortune 50 organizations for more than 20 years. Currently she is the Head of Recruiting for the Americas and Asia for Merck KgAa. Susan plans on offering classes on positive thinking and yoga.