Tracy Blasioli

          Tracy Blasioli

          “Breathe, relax, and feel the body receive its own truth. The seed of freedom flowers within each of us whenever we are open to what is real.” By Danna Faulds

          Tracy fell in love with yoga almost 15 years ago when she popped her first Rodney Yee video into the VCR (remember those?). Since then, she has used yoga as a tool for healing, self-discovery, and overall wellness. As an avid runner – and one who tends to over schedule herself – she would often find her personal practice falling to the wayside once training or life got in the way. That all changed when an overuse injury from marathon training left her nearly immobile. Given the time to focus on healing her body and mind, she was forced back to the basics and fell in love with yoga all over again. Healthy, and rejuvenated, Tracy completed her 200-hour Kripalu teacher training in 2012 and now thoroughly enjoys teaching a tradition of yoga that focuses on the importance of accepting the body with all of its weaknesses and strengths, while listening to the inner wisdom it shares with us.

          On the mat, Tracy strives to create a sacred and safe space for her students to practice with non-judgmental body awareness. Utilizing her passionate energy and humor, she offers a thematic class that is both challenging and fun. She leads a practice of self-observation, encouraging students to pause and notice as prana is awakened in the body through the active exploration of postures and breath. Tracy believes that while life can be challenging off the mat, the perspective you gain from time on the mat can allow you to “ride the wave” and choose a path of more self-love and less personal struggle. Appreciating that all bodies are created differently, she offers her students asana options and encourages the use of props to support their practice. Tracy leads a class that embraces the idea of “sthira” (effort) and “sukham” (ease) found within each posture through breath, body inquiry and even a smile. She feels blessed and humbled to be able to witness the transition of a student who goes from “doing yoga” to allowing “yoga to do them”.

          Tracy teaches at many locations in the area and recently began working with Inner Peace CT teaching clinical yoga classes. By combining her yoga training with her master’s degree in social work, Tracy ultimately hopes to provide yoga therapy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as adolescents suffering from eating disorders.

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