Heather Garry

          Heather Garry has been studying movement all her life. She started dancing at the age of three and has danced for the last 43 years. She was also a gymnast and contortionist. In 1991, Heather graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art in Dance and a B.S. in Psychology, and has been studying the Pilates method since 1995. Heather moved to Colorado to after she sustained severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident in 1991 that she was unable to heal using traditional methods of physical therapy. When Heather saw that Pilates finally helped her balance out the muscular deficits and weaknesses that she had been experiencing from all of the surgery she had endured, she was convinced she had to teach this method and share it!!

          Heather moved to Colorado in 1996 to study Pilates as there was nothing available in Connecticut at the time. She is a certified Ron Fletcher Pilates Instructor which is considered a “West Coast” method, and was first certified in a 250 hour program in 1998 by Sabra Blaylock at Pilates Plus in Denver, CO. Pilates Plus was a Ron Fletcher Method studio and through her connections in this studio, she was able to meet and study with Ron Fletcher himself. Ron Fletcher was a First Generation Master-Elder Teacher as he studied with Joseph and Clara Pilates for 30 years. He was an amazing modern dancer and Heather considers it a blessing that their paths crossed and she was able to study Pilates directly from “the source” of this incredible method of exercise and body alignment. Heather has also been very lucky to study with some of the best in the business including Patricia Guyton, Kyria Sabin, Cathy Corey, Elizabeth Jones and Diane Severino. In 1999, Heather decided to add Massage therapy to her practice and became certified that same year. Heather then opened her own studio, Body Balance Techniques, and after a time, decided to shorten the name to BALANCE. BALANCE was a full service Pilates studio and massage therapy practice in Denver, CO. She ran my studio for several years and then returned home to CT to be closer to family after the birth of her son, Joseph…who is the light of her life!! In the last couple years Heather started doing Zumba and loves it. She was certified this past November. When she is not teaching Pilates, taking dance class or giving Massages …She is teaching Zumba!! Her next movement endeavor is Yoga which she started practicing about 9 months ago. It is her new love for Yoga that has brought her to Zen & Now.

          She is hoping to start to a certification program sometime in the very near future.